Wedding DJs

Who doesn't love great entertainment. Most people are ready for some great fun anytime, anywhere. A professional wedding DJ can do even more than provide some great entertainment to your guests during your reception. The right candidate will be able to set the tone and mood for your entire experience at your venue as well as serve as Master of Ceremonies for all of your big moments that will be happening. You are in luck because if there is one thing that Corpus Christi has, it is some amazing professional DJs that know how to work a wedding. The problem for you is that there are a lot of DJs that claim that they can do everything you need and it is just not true. So, your mission is to narrow down the field to the DJ that will provide the perfect mix of everything for your guests. This guide should get you started in the right direction. We recommend that you print this off and take it with you as you meet with various wedding DJs throughout the Corpus Christi area.

There are many factors to consider when you interview your potential DJ candidates. The first thing you need to find out is whether they have your wedding date open on your calendar. This is best found out over the phone or by email since it would be a waste of time to meet with them in person if they are not available. For those that are available on your wedding date, ask them if they would be willing to meet in person in order to talk about your DJ needs. We recommend that you have a nice discussion about their experience in the wedding DJ field. And you want to make sure and ask specifically about wedding experience. A lot of DJs think they can work any kind of event but there is a big difference between working a wedding and working a birthday party for instance. A wedding is a very different kind of animal because there are so many events and activities that occur during a reception. So, a DJ is doing much more than just spinning music at a wedding.

Here is an interesting questions that you will want to pose to every candidate that you interview. Ask them what they believe sets them apart from their competition. In other words, why should you hire them over another DJ? If a true passion for their craft doesn't come out in their answer, move to your next candidate. Can they bring any other service to your wedding, for instance a laser light show or a big screen for video?

Make sure you understand all of the services they will be providing to you. Will they be your emcee? And once they list out all of the services they bring to the table, what will that cost you? Is this the total cost including setup and breakdown? Do they charge extra for services like continuous music? What if your reception goes into overtime, what is the added charge? What if you end up needing a refund because of unforeseen circumstances? You never want to hire any of your candidates without hearing them perform. Ask to view a video of a wedding performance. Pay attention to their performance style, do you like what you see and hear? Have a discussion about music, how extensive is their music library, are they open to you saying no to specific songs? Are they willing to be flexible as to you adding songs to their playlist? And one last thing, you want to actually like the person that you are hiring so pay attention to their personality and how you feel they would treat you and your guests on your big day. Good luck with tracking down your wedding DJ.

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