Wedding Photographers

We know that there is no doubt that you want your wedding to be well documented by a professional photographer. It makes sense for so many reasons. You are putting so much effort into every little detail and you want every special moment captured in a quality way so you can pick up that wedding album and relive those amazing moments. The big problem with photography is that the technology is so good now that anyone who can afford to buy top of the line equipment can now call themselves a photographer and try to do some work for a client. This is exactly what you must guard against. You deserve only the best for your special day and we are here to help you with that pursuit. The last thing that we want for you is to never want to go and grab your wedding album because it only brings pain and sorrow as you view the inferior images. We won't lie to you, the search may not be an easy one, but sticking it out and doing it the right way will yield the fruit of a truly exceptional photographer in your corner. At least that is the goal and we are determined to help you see it through. The Corpus Christi area has hundreds of individuals that call themselves photographers. But as we said earlier, you want a true professional. To help you find that professional, here are some questions that you will want to ask any candidate you consider for your wedding.

Your initial goal should be to find at least 3 to 5 potential photographers that you will be able to interview for your wedding vendor opening. Call them up and ask each one if they are available to be interviewed and considered to work your wedding. You can never go wrong by starting with how much experience they have in the field of wedding photography. There is a lot to learn when it comes shooting a wedding. Where to setup, angles to get, poses to ask for and so much more. There is no way that a newbie could know all of the nuances at first. Ask them how many weddings they have shot. How many do they shoot per year? It should be much more than 1 or 2. Ask for at least 5 references. Contact each one to find out how the whole experience went. How did they treat their guests? Were they pleasant to work with or was it like pulling teeth the whole day.

Do they offer the option of a second shooter? This is something that you should pursue in our opinion. What kind of equipment do they use? Find out about the equipment yourself by searching for it online and seeing if it is considered professional grade. Now, here is something that many people don't think to ask. Is there a backup plan if something were to happen to their equipment? Do they have backup equipment? You should insist on this. What if your chosen venue is out of their immediate area, do they charge a travel fee? What do they usually wear when they shoot a wedding? It should be professional attire but you never know so it is worth asking.

Are they willing to do a site walk through at your venue should you hire them? This is a must and should be agreed to with no problem. Some photographers have a problem with wedding guests taking pictures at the same time that they are. Ask each candidate how they like to handle this issue. What time will they be at your venue and how long will they be staying? Take a long hard look at the packages that they offer and find the one that fits you. If there is something that your heart is set on and you don't see it in the package you like, mention it and see what you can possibly work out. At the end of all of the questions and answers, you should be able to find a good match for you. Just make sure that you get everything in writing.

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