Wedding Tuxedo & Dress

There is nothing like looking amazing on your wedding day. There are many considerations in this regard. You can hire a markup artist that can make sure that your makeup looks absolutely flawless. You can also make an appointment with a hairdresser to make sure that your locks look amazing. And then you can't forget about scheduling visits to the tanning salon so you can have that awesome glow to your skin. So, of course with all of that primping, you have to complete the picture by having some fine formal wear on. There are a few things you need to know in order to find the perfect formal wear for both of you. But once you have found the proper tuxedo and bridal dress, you will be ready for your professional photographer to catch the beautiful couple in all of your glory. Here are some questions to ask the bridal and tuxedo shops that you visit.

A lot of brides wonder when they should start looking for their bridal gown. Our opinion is that it is never too early to start your search. Because of how long it takes to have an order delivered and to provide time for multiple alterations, You want to make sure that you have at least eight months to go when you order. You will need to seek out some reputable shops in the Corpus Christi area who employ experienced well trained consultants. A knowledgeable consultant is an invaluable asset to your search. After some talking with them about your ideas and theme as well as your likes and dislikes, they will be able to pull out specific dresses for you to try on that are more focused to what you may like. Here is a word of warning when you visit your chosen shops. Don't take too many people with you. Too many opinions are not a good thing, it will only confuse you more. Remember, this is your wedding. The only person who needs to love their dress is you. One more thing, even if you go to your appointments with maybe one type of dress in mind, be prepared to change your mind if your consultant shows you something that knocks your socks off. This has happened to many a bride and it may happen to you.

The groom's timing is much different than the bride. The groom can start looking for his tuxedo when the bridesmaid's dresses have been decided upon. This is all about color matching. You will probably want the bride along on your search since it is very important that it is done right and that she is happy with the choice. Ask around if anyone you know has any recommendations on tuxedo rental shops. Visit a few to see what they have to offer and make sure that you have the color scheme with you that you need the tie and cummerbund to match to. Ask all of your groomsmen to rent from the same location that you choose. Just like with the bride, you will want to make sure that the shop you choose has experienced and knowledgeable consultants. You will go through probably one fitting and you will want to pickup your tuxedo the week of your wedding. Ask the manager if you get a free rental because your entire wedding party came to the shop.

This guide should help you take care of your all important formal wear. You can rest easy in the fact that you went to reputable shops and have experienced consultants guide you in the right direction. All that is left to do now is to look forward to saying I do.

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