Wedding Venues

Throughout the months leading up to your wedding day, you will be in the hunt for many things including vendors. One of your most important searches and biggest rentals will be looking for is your wedding venue for your reception. There are many pitfalls associated with this search and you could end up very upset at the end of the day if you miss any all important element. Your reception venue is a huge cost and you want to make sure that you get it right. By the time that you start your search for your venue, you will want to have decided on your wedding date, your wedding vision and theme and you need to know how many guests will be attending your wedding. Also, have an idea of an overall wedding budget as well as a specific budget for your venue. Then when you are ready, check out some Corpus Christi area venues that that have potential to be your location for your reception. Sit down with each venue's manger and bring the questions we have provided to you. Make sure that you do not leave without asking all of these important questions.

If you are having your reception at a separate location than your ceremony, it will be to your advantage and your guest's advantage to find a venue within reasonable driving distance of your ceremony location. That should give you a pretty good starting point in terms of where to look. You can then search wedding vendor websites or just do a Google search to help you track down some potential locations. Setup an appointment with the manager of each venue. Your first discussion should be about whether the location can accommodate your guests. And remember, it is not just about the individuals who will be there, you need room for tables and chairs, you need a place for your live band or DJ, and for dancing. How many bathrooms do they have? Depending on how large your wedding is, the ratio of toilets to guests could be meaningful. How much is it going to cost you to rent the venue? Are there any hidden fees? In other words, what is your out of the door price? Does the venue carries liability insurance? If they do not, you could be liable if anything wee to go wrong on your wedding day.

What is the décor of the venue like? Will you be able to match it up your wedding look. If it is going to cost you a good deal to do this, you may want to look elsewhere. What about the acoustics? Your band or Dj will appreciate this question. What time will your vendors be allowed inside to setup? Will you be charged extra if your reception goes into overtime? If so, how much?

Are there are dressing rooms where you and your wedding party can change? Is there a children's room? Is there ample parking? Is the venue setup for your guests that might be handicapped? Who supplied the tables, chairs, china, silverware, and glassware? If you are serving alcohol, you will want to make sure that they have a liquor license? Ans speaking of alcohol, would it be better if you brought your own or if you let the venue supply it? Keep in mind that some venues charge a corkage fee to people who bring in their own alcohol. Look at the packages each venue offers very closely. Can these be customized? All of this investigative work should lead to a booked venue. Make sure you receive a written contract before you enter into any kind of agreement. You biggest worry is now over.

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